A revolutionary study and collaboration suite

StudyNow is one of our most innovative offerings to-date, combining powerful collaborative, self-study, and content creation tools. Through its MEET, Brainwave, and Flashbulb features, StudyNow makes it easy for students to rapidly acquire knowledge and share it with others:



While students regularly use commercial instant messaging services to do homework with peers, most of these services lack robust academic tools and are fraught with security issues. StudyNow offers an effective alternative.  With StudyNow, students can easily schedule online meetings in the Brainfuse classroom to collaborate on projects and assignments.



Brainwave is a breakthrough messaging tool that allows patrons to record a movie of their activity on the Brainfuse whiteboard, archive it for note-taking purposes, or share it with others. Brainwave is ideal for recording solutions to math or science problems, class projects, or any other concepts that require motion, sequence, or animation.



Students enjoy 24/7 access to an extensive library of online flashcard sets in hundreds of subjects. Students can also create their own flashcards for efficient self-study.