Asynchronous Platform
Asynchronous PlatformOur asynchronous platform gives students the option to submit papers to our writing lab or questions to our tutors from virtually any computer or mobile device. For instance, students who wish to submit a paper to our writing lab have the option of taking a photo of the paper with their smartphone and submitting it through our Brainfuse Mobile App. Once an item is submitted to our asynchronous platform, our task management system ensures that it is assigned to the appropriate expert. The system tracks the submission and sends reminders and alerts to Brainfuse tutors to ensure that the submission is returned to students, generally within 24-48 hours. Some responses are sent in the form of a file. Other responses, when appropriate (such as Math questions), are sent in the form of a recording of the tutor working through the concept on the Brainfuse whiteboard. The recording resides on the Brainfuse server and does not require additional downloads to play back.