Mobile App
Holding phone with Brainfuse app

The Brainfuse Mobile App has been designed to enhance HelpNow by providing anywhere access to live help, learning materials, and study tools.  In addition, our application helps students bridge the gap between classroom instruction and online tutoring sessions.  Our mobile app is free and is available in both the iOS (Apple) and Google Play (Android) stores.  It is designed to work on both smartphones and tablets.  Many of our mobile app’s features are unique among online tutoring providers and provide a user with complete homework support. 


  • Live Help: Connect with a tutor to receive live tutoring from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Pen-n-Send:  Pen-n-Send allows users to snap a picture via their mobile device and send the picture to their desktop whiteboard in real-time. This feature greatly expands input options for users since they can snap pictures of their handwritten notes, textbook pages, equations, and send them to their desktop whiteboard during a tutoring session.
  • Writing Lab: Our mobile writing lab provides students with an easy way to submit handwritten papers and other written work by simply scanning their documents through their mobile device’s built-in camera or sending a document directly from CloudPack (HelpNow’s cloud storage feature). We know of no other online tutoring provider that offers a mobile, asynchronous writing lab.
  • Class Notes and Documents: The Brainfuse Mobile App allows students to take class notes, organize them by course subject, and access them through virtually any mobile device. Patrons can also upload classroom content, such as homework assignments, worksheets, and handwritten notes to share later with a tutor during a live session. 
  • Ability to Play Back Sessions: Our mobile app allows users to play back all of their previous tutoring sessions (whether those sessions took place on a desktop or mobile device).  Many students find the ability to play back past sessions is helpful for review purposes.
  • Set Study Alerts: Students can also convert notes to “study tasks” and set reminders to study the notes at a later date.
  • Homework Tracker: We developed a mobile homework assignment tracker and task manager to help students stay on top of their assignments. 
  • Question Center: Our Question Center allows users to submit questions to Brainfuse tutors asynchronously. 
  • Mobile Flashcards: Users enjoy access to thousands of flashcards, including card sets that they created through HelpNow’s desktop platform.
  • Boopsie Compatibility: We partnered with Boopsie to make HelpNow available through its mobile app platform.