Our Tutors

Brainfuse works with thousands of tutors nationwide. All of our tutors undergo a multi-step evaluation process, which includes:

  • Resume Review: All tutors must have four-year college degrees and prior teaching or tutoring experience in the subjects they wish to tutor.
  • Interview: Promising applicants are initially screened to determine their ability to work with users in an online environment.
  • Online Proficiency Test: Our applicants are tested live and online for greater testing accuracy. Live evaluation allows us to test proficiency within each relevant subject area.
  • Simulated Session Test: Applicants must demonstrate the ability to convey ideas clearly in our online classroom. We have found that this is a very difficult skill to teach, so it is important to identify tutors who demonstrate interactive online fluency at the outset.
  • Background Check: Conducted by a third-party agency, our tutors undergo the same background check process mandated by most school districts.