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Online Tutoring for College Students

Brainfuse’s Collaboration Center is designed to enhance the tutoring experience by, among other things, allowing students to form study groups, work together on class projects, and share knowledge with fellow students through our online classroom. In addition, professors can use our online classroom to offer students virtual office hours. Our Collaboration Center consists of the following:

Collaboration CenterMEET™

The online meeting room is an easy-to-use academic collaboration tool. Students can quickly schedule online study groups, and professors can use the Brainfuse meeting room to hold virtual office hours.


Brainwave is a unique messaging tool that allows users to record their activity on the Brainfuse Notepad for note-taking purposes or to share it with others. Brainwave is ideal for recording solutions to math or science problems, class projects, or any other concept involving motion, sequence, or animation. Users also have access to the Brainwave library consisting of user-and professionally-created Brainwaves in a variety of subjects.