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College Computers and Technology

Advances in computers and technology are changing our world at an incredible pace, Brainfuse makes the essential skill of being “technologically literate” easier to obtain.

Brainfuse offers live online Computers and Technology tutoring in the following areas:


Basics; Ribbon/Toolbar: overview, customizing; Modifying Worksheets: opening worksheets from older versions, adding/deleting cells and sheets, freezing areas of a worksheet;  Basic Formatting: width and height, numeric formatting, alignment of data, fonts, autofilter, format as a table; Advanced Formatting: removing duplicates, conditional formatting, converting text to columns, data validation; Templates: styles and autoformat; Managing Lists: sorting and grouping, summary reports; Reviewing Worksheets; Sharing Worksheets: protecting, sharing, tracking changes; Printing Worksheets; Enhancing Worksheets: adding themes, page setup options, scale to fit, worksheet options, inserting image; Using Templates; Manipulating Screen Display: workbook views, hiding and zooming, window panes; Importing Data: importing from Access, importing text with import wizard; Finding and Replacing Data; Working with Formulas: order of operations, relative and absolute referencing, formulas tab, entering formulas; Basic Formulas: autosum, minimum, trim function; Advanced Formulas: sumif, VLookup, WhatIf analysis; Charts: creating, types, how worksheet data is transferred to a chart, modifying chart, chart tools/layout, change chart view, chart titles; PivotTables: overview, review source data, dialog options, fields, building, adding report filters, grouping fields, pivoting the report; Macros


Basics; Creating and Saving: adding/removing slides, rearranging slides, opening other files in PowerPoint; Printing Presentations; Designing Presentations: page setup, themes, effects, background styles, color schemes, font schemes, creating themes, slide masters, headers/footers; Working with Text: using text slides, formatting text, adding text to a box, changing spacing and indents, aligning text, bulleted and numbered lists, working with outlines, find/replace, changing text direction; Proofing Content: check spelling, find synonyms, translate text, change default proofing options; Working with Pictures and Multimedia: inert clip art and pictures, modifying pictures,  drawing objects, creating photo album, using SmartArt, manipulating object appearance, sound, video, animate objects, slide transitions, aligning/distributing objects, group and layer shapes; Tables and Charts: inserting tables, editing/formatting table, inserting Excel spreadsheet, inserting chart, editing/formatting chart; Viewing Presentations: starting/navigating presentation, speaker notes and handouts, highlighter, two screens, creating custom shows; Sharing Presentation: comments, protection, PowerPoint show, web page, sending the presentation, hyperlinks, action buttons, package presentation on CD, digital signatures; Customizing the Work Environment


Basics; Creating and Saving Documents: creating, importing, saving, sending; Creating a Resume: using templates, customizing, fitting resume on a page; Printing Documents; Editing and Formatting Text: selecting text, formatting text, find/replace, undo/redo, copy/paste/move text, show formatting; Formatting Paragraphs: using indents, setting justification, line spacing, setting tabs, using highlighter; Formatting Pages: changing margins, changing orientation, page numbers, paper size and source, headers and footers, page backgrounds, using watermarks; Proofing Documents: spelling and grammar, synonyms, research and thesaurus, setting proofing options; Modifying Work Environment; Bullets and Numbering; Creating Tables and Charts: creating tables from scratch, creating tables from text, inserting Excel spreadsheet, modifying/formatting tables, making calculations in a table, creating a chart, modifying chart data and appearance, creating text from a table; Styles: using, creating, editing, and deleting styles; Using Building Blocks; Using Mail Merge: creating a mail merge, creating a data source, merging to create envelopes and labels; Sorting Data: text, numbers; Working with Macros: creating and playing macros; Working with Columns: newspaper columns, parallel columns; Working with Illustrations: clip art, pictures, shapes, SmartArt; Sharing Documents: track changes, review changes, sending and faxing, password protecting, linking a document (Excel), embedding a document (PowerPoint), inspecting, encrypting, adding digital signatures; Working with Long Documents: cross reference, footnotes or endnotes, table of contents, index, hyperlink, bookmarks, document map or thumbnails


Intro to Access: comparing Functions of Excel and Access; Starting a Database: templates, creating reports and forms; Layout: ribbon, toolbar, Microsoft Office button, navigation: managing the navigation pane with more than one database; Building the Database: designing and creating tables; creating queries; creating forms; creating reports; Managing Data: templates for databases and editing; shortcut for tables; tools for sorting and performing arithmetic operations; formatting the database; importing information from Excel: Advanced: adjusting form view; defining relationships between tables, creating functions with Expression BuilderTM; making a query; Office Applications: keyboard shortcuts, security


Key terms and processes; backing up files; managing preferences, workspace, and security; performing downloads and searches; using help features; saving documents to the Brainfuse Cloudpack; performing searches; clearing caches and search histories