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Combining Skills Building, live tutoring, and both a premium and live writing lab, Brainfuse offers the most writing resources.


Our Online Writing Lab is firmly rooted in the research-based methodologies of some of the nation’s leading collegiate writing programs.  While we tailor our writing analysis to each institution’s needs, our writing lab is designed to support students during the pre-writing phase by helping them brainstorm ideas, develop thesis topics, and systematically structure their thoughts. Our writing experts also provide in-depth writing critiques, with an emphasis on voice, word choice, content, sentence fluency, and organization. Students have the option of submitting papers to our Asynchronous Writing Lab or connecting with a live writing expert in our Live Writing Lab.

  • Asynchronous Writing Lab: Students submit their writing online through our secure messaging service. Within approximately 24 hours, our writing specialists return the paper along with a detailed analysis within the paper and a customized rubric. Rubrics focus, among other things, on organization, voice, and thematic coherence. The rubric analysis can also be shared with live tutors for more targeted assistance. Brainfuse can also customize its writing analysis based on a particular institution’s evaluative preferences. Our collection of rubrics includes a set with standards for APA- and MLA-formatting, but students may also submit any rubric that the instructor uses. All of these features give students the chance to work with our tutors during each step of the writing process:
    • Pre-Writing: identifying the task—expository writing, literary analysis, research, persuasive writing, descriptive writing, and narratives; developing ideas by using graphic organizers, mentor texts, and/or templates to guide students;
    • Planning: organizing ideas–outline each paragraph’s topic and supporting details, introductions and conclusions;
    • Writing the Draft: writing paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details; adding an introduction and conclusion;
    • Revising: topic; thesis statement; logical and compelling organization, including transitions; logical inferences and conclusions;
    • Style: sentence variety, parallel structure, specific word choice, consistent point of view, active voice, tone, formal vs. informal styles;
    • Grammar/Usage: While we do not “edit” papers, we do point out common errors and explain how to avoid such errors in the future.
  • Live Writing Lab: Students who need more immediate feedback have the option to login with a live tutor and use our file sharing feature to receive live, one-to-one writing assistance. Our live writing lab is particularly useful during the preparatory stages of the writing process.



Brainfuse provides writing support at all levels (pre-college to upper division/graduate).  In addition, our writing lab service is available in Spanish.  Service is available in other languages on request.


We offer customizable forms that students fill out prior to submitting their writing. These online forms ensure that the emphasis of our analysis is consistent your goals as an institution.


Tutoria bilingüe en Español e Inglés también esta disponible en matemáticas, lectura y escritura. (Spanish/English bilingual tutoring is also available in math, reading, and writing.)