Patrons submit their resumes to JobNow coaches and receive expert analysis within 24 hours.

  • Impact Analysis: Our experts offer strategies for optimum placement/description of experiences and accomplishments.
  • Format Analysis: Resume reviewers are familiar with many different industries and suggest resume formats for particular with job sectors. In addition, our experts will consider the job-seeker’s experiences to determine the best way to format the resume. For instance, somebody with a very early experience that is relevant to the current resume, may not want to place it chronologically but rather to highlight it through a functional resume format.
  • Spelling/Grammar Analysis: We proofread each resume for spelling and grammar errors.

JobNow-ResumeTemplatesRESUME TEMPLATES

To help patrons get started, Brainfuse has included downloadable templates for the most common resume types, including chronological, functional, and combination. In addition, our collection of templates include samples from a variety of career fields and levels.

JobNow-ResumeResourcesRESUME RESOURCES

Patrons enjoy access to our online library of proven tips and vetted resources. Resources include valuable information about a resume’s usage, structure, and the relative importance of a resume in one’s job search.  In addition, we regularly update our resources to keep users abreast of current resume-writing techniques and trends.