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Post-winter break brain-freeze?

Winter break is over. Sigh. Settle in for a big chunk of uninterrupted school days – plenty of time for you to write a few papers and essays, learn a bunch of new math concepts, absorb all sorts of science-y facts. Need help with any of that?

Marin County Free Library

Get tutoring help with Brainfuse!

Posted by: Sarah. Sarah is a youth services librarian at the Corte Madera Library.

Did you know that the Marin County Library offers its patrons a free online tutoring service? Log in from home or in one of our branches with your library card and go to HelpNow! Homework Help, by Brainfuse. They have live tutors waiting to help you with simple or complex questions in Math, Social Studies, Science, Writing, and more.

Need a refresher on sine, cosine, and tangent? Brainfuse has instructors in all levels of math courses: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus… for kindergarten through college!

Always forget when to use “your,” “you’re,” “there,” “they’re,” and “their”? Drop in and ask a live tutor any quick language arts or writing question you might have.

Want some extra tutoring in Spanish? The tutors with Language Lab can help.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would proofread your paper for you? Brainfuse also has a Writing Lab – just create a login and send that paper off to be read!

Check it out, and let us know what you think. Librarians at any of our branches are here to answer any questions you might have! (Patrons residing in city library jurisdictions may need to use this service from within a county branch, for licensing reasons.)