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Homework, College Entrance Exam Help Benefitting Students at Library

Brainfuse offers a full-service test center with practice tests for all grade levels, including the ACT and SAT.

The Daily Ardmoreite

by The Daily Ardmoreite

Ask Plainview High School senior Cooper Little about his recent use of the database Brainfuse at the Chickasaw Regional Library System and he will tell you, “It offered me a lot of practice and helped me get a handle on what the ACT and SAT college entrance exams are all about.”
Little came to CRLS to learn more about Brainfuse before he took the SAT.
“I had heard about the database,” he said, “but wanted to learn how to use it and study as much as possible before the test.”
Brainfuse offers a full-service test center with practice tests for all grade levels, including the ACT and SAT, which is what Little was utilizing. Many classes on ACT and SAT preparation can cost a minimum of $80 but CRLS cardholders can access the database at no cost with a library card.
“Brainfuse has a lot of practice tests which allowed me to prepare and know what the SAT required,” said Little. “I had never taken the SAT before and was not familiar with it.”
Little’s preparation did pay off. He has been offered several academic scholarships to various universities in the south with Auburn University as his front runner choice right now. The ACT/SAT scores are critical in determining scholarship offers.
“I am grateful for what the library has to offer,” said Little. “I think more students should take advantage of these things because it sure has helped my future.”
Little believes the younger a student learns about Brainfuse and puts it into practice the better learner he or she will become.
“I believe middle school students should definitely get into the habit of using the Brainfuse database,” he said. “If they start using it early, it will definitely prepare them for high school.”
Little identified math as his best subject and sites the writing lab on Brainfuse as a great tool. Students can upload an essay and have a tutor grade and return it within 24 hours.
“I think that is awesome,” said Little. “The fact that someone can find any mistake before I turn in an assignment and I can make the necessary corrections is great.”
CRLS has been visiting various school districts to present hands-on demonstrations of Brainfuse. The database is geared to all grade levels — kindergarten through college — and all academic subjects. Students can also access live tutors from 3 to 11 p.m. daily and communicate in real time in an online classroom by typing, drawing and marking-up lessons.
Little’s drive for excellence is easily observed when he arrives at CRLS to study. He has been taught to do his best in everything he does.
“My parents are good role models and have always encouraged me in everything I do,” said Little.
CRLS staff can assist students of all grade levels with Brainfuse and its many benefits. Staff members are available for hands-on demonstrations. For more information on Brainfuse or any other library service call (580) 223-3164 or visit the library at 601 Railway Express. CRLS’ branch libraries are also available in Davis, Healdton, Marietta, Sulphur, Tishomingo and Wilson.