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Princeton University Provides Funding for Brainfuse

Princeton Public Library has received $6,000 from Princeton University in support of the library’s online homework help program, Brainfuse. The university is funding the program for the second consecutive year. Back To School Press Releases Brainfuse provides live, online homework help Monday through Friday and

Brainfuse: A Good Resource For All Students

About: HelpNow is an online academic service designed to support many learning needs and styles. The database offers three main sources of learning: expert instruction, peer-to-peer collaboration, and self-study. HelpNow Brainfuse: Live Online Homework Help Service: The HelpNow database offers service in different categories for

Brainfuse – It’s Not Just for Students

For students of all ages, the Free Library is source-number-one for information; that almost goes without saying. Though sometimes, when you’re struggling with a tough problem or trying to work your way through a tricky writing assignment, you need a little more help than a

Live and Asynchronous GED Help With Brainfuse

Did you know our databases have GED study guides? It’s true! While the books for the GED may be out, … Another database that has GED study guides is Brainfuse. If you visit, click on Test Prep, enter your barcode number, and click on

Brainfuse Powers Job Searches in New York State

The New York State Library has teamed with Brainfuse to assist in your Job Search. Some of the services offered include assistance with resume writing, live/online interview coaching and job searches that are tied to your specific areas of interest. The New York State Library