Higher Ed
Online Tutoring, Writing Assistance, Study Tools, and More for Higher Ed Students
HelpNow for Higher EdBrainfuse provides online academic support to colleges and universities throughout the nation. We offer innovative services designed to meet your students’ needs.  Our unique suite of tutoring, writing, study, and collaboration tools has been proven to boost academic performance and increase student retention.

Rather than providing stand-alone, one-size-fits-all solutions, Brainfuse seeks to customize programs to effectively blend into existing academic support services:

  • Use your tutors in conjunction with Brainfuse tutors
  • Customize Brainfuse content to correlate with existing course learning objectives
  • Choose live tutoring hours
  • Writing reviews aligned to institutions’ writing standards
  • Unique faculty tools to help identify the struggling student
  • Diagnostics designed to support existing developmental education courses in math, reading, and writing
  • Comprehensive reports designed to provide analytics

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