Brainfuse provides online academic support to hundreds of libraries throughout the nation. From academic tutoring to career coaching, we offer innovative services designed to meet your patron’s needs.


HelpNow is a comprehensive tutoring suite, consisting of tutoring, collaboration, and study tools.


JobNow is one of a kind career assistance that covers all major aspects of job hunting.


LearnNow is a library of self-study lessons, videos, practice tests, and more with the option to connect with a live tutor.

Adult Learning Center

Adult Learning Center provides academic assistance designed for adult learners.

VetNow supports your community’s veterans and their families with locating eligible benefits, live online academic tutoring, employment transition assistance, and finding community resources.

Brainfuse Fun Facts

  • Brainfuse currently serves over 67 million patrons.
  • 17 of the past 48 Super Bowl Champions hail from cities currently served by Brainfuse.
  • 25 of the past 111 World Series Championships currently have access to online tutoring through their local library.
  • 458 of all American Nobel Prize Winners have affiliations with communities currently served by Brainfuse.
  • Eight US Presidents completed their education in communities currently offering Brainfuse.
  • Half of all public libraries awarded the prestigious Library of the Year Award since 2003 currently subscribe to Brainfuse (and 3 of the last 4)!