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Welcome to our marketing resources for the Virginia JobNow program, designed with libraries in mind. Here you will find various items to help your program succeed.

Below you will find several JobNow promotional images and files that you can directly download from this page. If you would like our graphic design team to create a customized image for you, or for any other special request, please contact us at [email protected].

Helpful Guides

Link Placement Guide PDF
User Guide PDF
Press release template doc

Print Collateral

For easy access, all of the print collateral is in PDF format. Simply download any items you would like to print. For your convenience, each file contains a text field if you would like to customize the directions for your patrons.

JobNow Rainbow Coaching PDF
JobNow Minimal Resume bookmark
JobNow Rainbow Bookmark Resume PDF
JobNow Minimal Coaching bookmark
JobNow Flyer
JobNow Flyer
JobNow Flyer Rainbow PDF
JobNow Flyer Spanish
JobNow Poster Rainbow Coaching PDF
JobNow Poster Minimal Job Coaching PDF
JobNow Poster Rainbow Resume PDF
JobNow Poster Minimal Resume Review PDF
JobNow Half-sheet Minimal PDF
JobNow Half sheet Rainbow PDF
JobNow Spanish Half Sheet PDF

Website Promos

Click on the web promo you would like to use. Then right-click and choose “Save image as…” to download the full-size. Promos are 300 x 300 pixels.

JobNow Web Promo Help Finding a Job
JobNow minimal Resume Review300x300
JobNow Web Promo Resume Review
JobNow-minimal Job Coaching 300x300

Did you know that with your library card you can get FREE job coaching? Visit [your library’s website] to find JobNow for professional assistance with all stages of job hunting including online applications, resumes, interviews, and more!  #jobnow #jobseeker #BrainfuseCommunity #librariestransform #resumereview #findajob #GetLibraryCarded #LibraryCardSignUp

New year, new career goals! Visit JobNow for help with all stages of your job search, including personalized resume feedback and live interview preparation. #JobHunt #ResumeReview #FindAJob #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Do you need a few more reasons to love your library? With your library card, you can get free help with your job search. #JobNow #BrainfuseCommunity #librariestransform #whatlibrariesdo #resumereview #resumes #findajob #employment #libraryloversmonth

Brainfuse job coaches can help you with your resume AND help you prep for that all-important job interview. Get that job you’ve been wanting! #jobcoaching #jobinterviewprep #findajob #employment #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Make your job hunting a little less stressful. Visit your library’s website and go to JobNow for templates and resume building. Then get expert feedback from a resume coach. #jobhunting #resumetemplate #writearesume #freeresumereview #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Looking for a new job? Take a career assessment with eParachute to discover career paths that match your skills and interest. #jobnow, #jobseeker, #BrainfuseCommunity, #librariestransform, #whatlibrariesdo, #findajob, #whatcolorisyourparachute

One of the most recommended tips for resume writing is to have someone review it. You only have a few moments to make an impression and increasingly employers are using software to assist them with processing applications. To help your resume stand out, visit JobNow to get FREE personalized, professional feedback on your resume. #freeresumereview #jobhunting #employment #resume #jobs #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Did you know that you can connect with a live online job coach to prepare for your interview? And with your library card, it’s FREE! #jobcoaching #jobinterviewprep #findajob #employment #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Did you know that with your library card you can get FREE job coaching? Visit your library’s website to find Brainfuse for professional assistance with all stages of job hunting including online applications, resumes, interviews, and more!  #jobcoaching #jobinterviewprep #findajob #employment #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Rake up the skills you need to succeed to return to school or improve your career. Access a cornucopia of resources and live assistance by visiting your library’s website to find Brainfuse JobNow. #adultlearners #buildskills #returntoschool #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity


Get support developing the skills you need to return to school or improve your career this autumn. Visit your library’s website to find Brainfuse JobNow for videos, lessons, and live online support with expert tutors. #adultlearners #buildskills #returntoschool #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

If you are currently unemployed, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you need to file a claim with the unemployment insurance program in the state where you worked. This can be confusing; don’t worry! The Brainfuse Unemployment Benefits Navigators are here to help. #Unemployed #UnemploymentBenefits #Jobs #LookingForaJob #WhatLibrariesDo #BrainfuseCommunity

Training Videos

Brainfuse has created short video tutorials for each aspect of JobNow so that you can quickly and easily get additional information on available features.

JobNow overview video
View the JobNow overview video.
Interview resources video
View the interview resources video
Job coaches and resources video
View job coaches and resources video
Interview coaching video
View the interview coaching video
How to use OptimalResume video
View the OptimalResume video