eParachute is now available to Brainfuse users throughout the country at participating local libraries and higher education institutions.

eParachute and Brainfuse partnership

by Brainfuse

Brainfuse, an online tutoring and career services company, announced today that Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, the world’s most popular job-hunting book, has partnered with Brainfuse to offer his online eParachute application to millions of students. eParachute will now be available to Brainfuse users throughout the country from participating local libraries and higher education institutions

eParachute is an online service that combines the time-tested “self inventory” methods of What Color is Your Parachute? with unique data algorithms to help users discover their strengths and interests, and then to explore potential careers, academic courses, and college majors that best fit their profile.

“We serve libraries and schools throughout the country through our HelpNow service,” said Brainfuse director Francesco Lecciso. “While our live online tutoring service helps students with assignments and tests, many students come to us with questions such as which college major to pursue, or which career path to take. eParachute is an ideal tool to help such students by helping them to take inventory of their skills and passions, and providing them with concrete academic and vocational guidance. Richard Bolles’ methodologies have stood the test of time — they are truly unique, and we’re excited to partner with him.”

“I am looking forward to partnering with Brainfuse so that we can help students around the country with important decisions related to their time in school and their time in the workplace,” said Richard Bolles. “And we’re looking forward to working together so as to provide an even-wider range of career-related services in the future.