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Camarillo Library Discusses the Benefits of Brainfuse

On January 1st, the Camarillo Library initiated a new service to help students with their homework. The program is called ” HelpNow! By Brainfuse,” and it provides users (elementary through the first years of college) with live, online homework help.


Brainfuse now available at Camarillo Library

by Sharon Rosenthal

The Brainfuse subscription the Camarillo Library now offers to patrons is listed as HelpNow! under the Online Research Menu on the library’s webpage or use the blue HELP NOW icon on the Libraries Home Page.

HelpNow! has several modules available including: Skills Building, a Writing Lab, and Test Center. Plus submit a paper to a tutor and receive an individual response and suggestions to improve. Students can also take practice tests for core subjects, or the ACT and SAT tests, too.

HelpNow! provides online, real time help for elementary, middle school, high school students. Students chat with a live tutor using a virtual classroom, 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM PST. In addition Spanish language help is available, too, with just a click.


  1. Students draw or type their question in the online classroom and receive live homework assistance online from a Brainfuse-certified tutor (1 to 10 p.m.). Tutors are trained to not simply provide answers but to help students master the homework assignment’s underlying academic concepts.
  2. Brainfuse writing assistance does not merely proof or edit a student’s writing. You can receive live writing assistance from Brainfuse tutors via the online classroom, which features copy/paste and secure file sharing. Live writing assistance is particularly helpful when students need help organizing outlines and developing general themes. The premium writing lab offers students an unmatched level of analysis. You submit papers via our secure file sharing feature (no email address required) and writing experts carefully analyze each paper with respect to voice, word choice, content, sentence fluency, and organization. Papers (complete with constructive comments) are returned within 24 hours.
  3. On-demand homework help and other resources for students who are taking a foreign language class. Spanish is currently supported.
  4. The 24/7 Question Center is ideal for students who require a detailed, extended explanation of a difficult concept. Submit a question and a tutor will respond usually within 24 hours.
  5. The Test Center provides 24/7 access to an ever-expanding library of tests including the ACT, SAT, and more.

Please Note: In using HelpNow! or any of the the library’s resources online to first login from the library’s homepage. Login link can be found on the upper right hand corner of the library’s homepage. In this way the patron can use the homepage icon/link to HelpNow! or choose any of the databases and have direct access without the freeze or having to log on to each service individually.