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Achieving Goals Together through High-Impact Tutoring

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With high-impact tutoring solutions for districts, student success is our shared objective. We work alongside you as your partner and an extension of your team to achieve student goals that make a difference.

Brainfuse offers superior solutions to tutoring needs.
Superior Solutions
Brainfuse provides great tutors.
Great Tutors

Tutoring solutions that fit your needs

Brainfuse offers evidence-based, online tutoring solutions designed to measurably improve student outcomes. Schools can customize both high-dosage and on-demand tutoring solutions based on the needs of the students they serve.

“Our students really enjoyed engaging in Brainfuse. They liked learning through their computer and looked forward to their time each day. It's been nice to see them motivated to engage in their work.”

Kelsey, K-5 HDT Coordinator, JeffCo Public Schools, Colorado
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Innovative technology and curriculum solutions to meet students where they are

Brainfuse offers State-aligned curriculum materials
State-aligned curriculum materials
Brainfuse offers a powerful virtual classroom
Powerful virtual classroom
Brainfuse offers video tutoring standard, with voice and chat options
Video tutoring standard, with voice and chat options
Brainfuse offers built-in assessments
Built-in assessments
Brainfuse offers rich dashboards for users and stakeholders
Rich dashboards for users and stakeholders

Results that speak for themselves

Brainfuse is the only national online tutoring provider with demonstrated success in randomized controlled studies (ESSA Tier 1). Explore recent case studies in Colorado and California to learn more about what success looks like with Brainfuse.

Colorado Department of Education benefits from Brainfuse

Colorado Department of Education Study

Brainfuse was ranked first in math and reading, with an improvement rate of 30% in math and 39.9% in reading.

LAUSD benefits from Brainfuse

Los Angeles Unified School District Study

Brainfuse ranked first among all approved LAUSD tutoring providers in improving student math scores.

The Brainfuse Difference

Customizable Solutions

Choose between on-demand or high-dosage tutoring, or select a mixture of both solutions to design the program that works best for your schools and students.


Equitable access for all students, driving higher adoption rates by the learners who need the greatest support.

Brainfuse offers equitable access for all students.


Interactive features such as video, chat with translation, snap-n-send (mobile to desktop sharing), and an auto-expanding whiteboard provide increased engagement during tutoring sessions.

Accessible Technology

Integrates seamlessly with all LMSs, and is designed to support low bandwidth environments and older hardware.

Individualized Learning

Individualized learning plans designed for K-12 students are developed to align with state-specific academic standards.


Serving as an integrated part of your team, the dedicated Success Manager prioritizes seamless execution from setup to program delivery.

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