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High-Impact Tutoring

Brainfuse is the only online tutoring provider with demonstrated success ESSA Tier 1 controlled studies.

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Close the learning gap, empower teachers, and support every student who needs it.


Promote educational equity and narrow the learning gap through personalized online tutoring. Provide tutoring to all your district’s students for an affordable cost.


Get the help and support you need to concentrate on what you do best: teaching.  And our easy-to-use dashboard keeps you informed every step of the way.


Whether you are stuck on a homework problem, studying for a test, or writing a term paper, help and support are always available from any desktop or mobile device.

Anytime, anywhere tutoring support

High-Impact Tutoring

Close the learning gap with on-demand tutoring and targeted tutoring sessions based on learning plans individually tailored to each student’s needs.

Homework Help

Students connect instantly with a live, online tutor from any desktop or mobile device for help with homework and test preparation. Improve student confidence and engagement and use our dashboard to identify areas requiring additional attention.

Writing Lab

Expert writing feedback helps students become better, more confident writers. Students can submit a paper for detailed analysis or connect with a live writing expert for real-time assistance.

Improve Study Skills

Our tutors help students learn how to learn. This leads to more fruitful classroom participation and allows teachers to focus more on teaching.

Colorado Department of Education Study

Brainfuse was ranked first in math and reading, with a math improvement rate of 30% and a reading improvement rate of 39.3%.

The Brainfuse Difference

We Believe Teachers Make the Best Tutors

All Brainfuse tutors are U.S.-based, current, or former teachers who complete an intensive onboarding process.

Demonstrated Effectiveness in Tier 1 Studies

Brainfuse is one of the only nationally-recognized tutoring providers to successfully demonstrate effectiveness in multiple ESSA Tier 1 studies.

Equity & Accessibility

No other tutoring provider has put more effort and resources into overcoming equity barriers. Our ADA-compatible service is available to all students regardless of socioeconomic status, hearing/vision disabilities, extracurricular schedule, or native language.

Individualized Learning

One-to-one support from expert tutors. Students get help whenever and wherever they need it. And our robust dashboard gives parents and teachers easy access to valuable insights and progress tracking.

Reliable & Scalable

As one of the nation’s most established tutoring providers and through our proprietary staffing technology, you can rest assured that students can always connect with an expert tutor.

Los Angeles Unified School District Study

Brainfuse ranked first among all approved LAUSD tutoring providers in improving student math scores. 

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Brainfuse Logo Full-Color
Our mission is to connect people who want to learn with experts who love to teach.


Download the Evidence of Effectiveness of Brainfuse Online Tutoring for K-12 Students Study

Download the Colorado Department of Education Study

Download the Los Angeles Unified School District Research Unit Study