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BoostHDT: TRUE High-Dosage Tutoring

Addressing the need for high-dosage tutoring in schools and districts.

Boost Tutoring Session with Student

As a leader in evidence-based tutoring success, our high-dosage tutoring (HDT) solution supports students who need extra learning, whether struggling or excelling.

With BoostHDT, teachers or administrators can assign students to ongoing individual or small-group tutoring sessions, with the same tutor, to enable measurable skill growth. These sessions can occur during the school day, ensuring adoption and supporting students when they need it most.

BoostHDT High-Dosage Tutoring

Why BoostHDT?

BoostHDT’s approach to tutoring in “high doses” promotes skill scaffolding and increased academic proficiency. Highlights of the program include: 

Explore BoostHDT Features

BoostHDT admin dashboard

Robust dashboards for teachers or administrators to see the growth and progress that matters most.

BoostHDT dashboard

Customizable learning plans from existing school or district assessments or Brainfuse-designed assessments with state-aligned instructional materials built into the student experience.

Student using Boost HDT on mobile

Interactive features such as video, chat with translation, snap and send, and a virtual whiteboard to allow for increased engagement during tutoring sessions.

Boost HDT session with lesson on whiteboard

BoostHDT is safe for students. Sessions are recorded and monitored for safety, tutors are vetted, and BoostHDT is compliant with ADA, FERPA, COPPA, and CSDPA.

Easily implemented on a school- or district-level scale

Equitable access for all students, driving higher adoption rates by the learners who need the greatest support

Brainfuse designates a Success Manager for a direct communication channel

Mix HDT with our HelpNow on-demand tutoring for maximum adoption

Demonstrated effectiveness in ESSA Tier 1 studies

What People Are Saying about BoostHDT

“Students are really enjoying their sessions. They like to go and enjoy the fact that they are meeting with tutors from other places, they feel special and are engaged."
Kelsey, K-5 HDT Coordinator
JeffCo Public Schools, Colorado
“[For example, a 3rd grade] student has really learned to slow down and read the actual words, and not just guess at what he thinks the sentence will say. His fluency has increased from red to green! He has become a better reader all around.”
Holly, K-5 Instructional Coach
JeffCo Public Schools, Colorado
“Our students really enjoyed engaging in Brainfuse. They liked learning through their computer and looked forward to their time each day. It's been nice to see them motivated to engage in their work.”
Jessie, K-5 Instructional Coach
JeffCo Public Schools, Colorado

Boost Learning Now with Brainfuse!

Adopt HDT as a strategic initiative to measurably help students, with or without on-demand support to supplement for maximum impact. Brainfuse is one of the only tutoring companies to offer both exclusively in the K-12 space, with demonstrated effectiveness in ESSA Tier 1 studies.

We invite you to see what your district can achieve with BoostHDT. Sign up for a free consultation below with a Brainfuse tutoring advisor.

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