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Alameda County Library Provides Online Tutoring

Junior Kanika Jhangala said, “Brainfuse is a pretty interesting program. I have never had an online tutoring program that actually answers my questions.”

Alameda County Library

by Akansha Prasad, Staff Reporter

The Alameda County Library developed an online tutoring program for students recently. The new program is called “Brainfuse.” It is a live academic assistance program available for students everyday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. The program allows students to interact with live tutors on a variety of topics. According to the Brainfuse website, it includes school subjects such as math, science, reading, writing, and social sciences. In addition to school subjects, Brainfuse also offers live aid for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and state standardized tests.

The program allows students to choose state-aligned lessons and get real-time help. It offers many personalized tools for eLearning such as file sharing, session replays, tutoring archives, test archives and much more. Students can submit essays and other forms of writing such as drafts, letters, etc. to get constructive feedback
However, the service does not end with just essays. Students can send in questions on homework to receive expert guidance within twenty-four hours.

Tutors are adults who are trained to assist people with their work rather than high school volunteers and are fully qualified.
Junior Kanika Jhangala said “Brainfuse is a pretty interesting program. I have never had an online tutoring program that actually answers my questions.” She described the program as easily [usable] but hard to originally figure out.

On the other hand, Brainfuse is not limited to only high school students. It gives users access to a variety of adult learning content also. The program provides professional help in creating resumes, studying for [the] GED, writing business letters, and preparing for the U.S. citizenship test.

Brainfuse offers a range of subjects that would interest more than just a standard student audience. In addition to the variety in subjects it offers, Brainfuse also has all its content available in other languages.
Brainfuse is a resource available to students who need help from live tutors who can cater to their specific needs.

For only a library card, or an elibrary card, it can help students prepare for tests, study for AP classes, and even help with preparing resumes for those who are work-bound. It is a useful tool for both the high school student and the high school graduate.

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