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“Having Personalized Help in School Really Made a Difference”

From personal experience I have found assistance from a tutor to be invaluable.


by Sharon

I still remember the shock that I had when I actually failed an algebra class during my freshman year at college. After my first test I knew I was in trouble but I did not know that help was available. I was lucky when someone suggested to me that I could access free tutoring services because I received financial aid. And I was even happier when the tutor helped me to receive a solid 3.0 in my next try at the class.

Having personalized help in school really made a difference to me, and that is why I am so excited that we are able to provide free online homework help through Brainfuse. And I am equally pleased that this service offers tools for adult learners including resume help from a real person! You can actually upload your resume and you will receive feedback within 24 hours.

To access the free resume help go the Brainfuse website and click on the Adult Learners button located on the top of the screen.

In addition to resume help there are several other great tools to help adult learners. You can get help with Microsoft Office programs, or assistance with passing the GED, or the U.S. Citizenship test. As with the resume assistance you have access to real people to answer your questions and provide help.

And speaking of live help, we are happy to announce that our own KRL Ask a Librarian service has grown to include 24/7 chat service with the help of librarians all over the country. Questions specific to your account like whether or not you have a fine are still better answered via email but now that we have joined the statewide chat consortium, information experts are always readily available to answer your questions.

Today I helped two patrons from other parts of Washington download ebooks via chat. And at other times during this past week librarians from other libraries have helped people who use KRL. By working together librarians around the country are able to provide help around the clock. If you have not used our new chat service yet please check it out and let us know what you think.