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Brainfuse for Homework Help at Houston Public Library

School buses have started to roam the neighborhood, lunches are packed, and bells are ringing between classes around Houston. It is that time of year when parents and students dread working on homework. Have no fear! Houston Public Library’s Brainfuse can come to the rescue!

Brainfuse for Homework Help at Houston Public Library

by Houston Public Library

School buses have started to roam the neighborhood, lunches are packed, and bells are ringing between classes around Houston.  It is that time of year when parents and students dread working on homework.  Have no fear!  Houston Public Library’s Brainfuse can come to the rescue!  Every day starting at 2 pm until just before midnight, students of all ages can log in and get a live tutor—and it is totally free!  Simply log on to Brainfuse and click on the Live Tutoring button to get help for grades K-College on subjects ranging from basic math and reading to algebra, chemistry, physics, calculus, and more.  These tutoring sessions, in English or Spanish, last 20 minutes at a time and include whiteboard technology so the tutor and student can interact via chat and with a drawing tool.  In addition, Brainfuse offers a Writing Lab where papers or résumés can be submitted for feedback within 24 hours.  The resource also offers a SkillsSurfer with practice tests and extra lessons for grades 3-12.  For adult learners, Brainfuse offers help on the GED or U. S. Citizenship tests, offers resources for Microsoft Office, and career resources including help with résumés, interviews, and career assessments with Job Now.

See how excited our customers are about this service!

“Today was my first day using Brainfuse. It was an awesome experience. Tutors make you think and figure out how to go about a problem. They do not just solve for you but make you think through it. This helps with your critical thinking. This definitely makes you a better student and improves your grade.  It is a definite privilege to have this sort of help. Brainfuse is great!”

“I appreciate the time my tutor gave me even after it was past time. Not only did they help me go through everything step by step but it assured me that I could’ve gotten there if I would have pushed myself a little further. I was at the point but not as thorough. Thank you.”

“She was very patient and gave clear explanations to my questions. I wish she was my chemistry professor because chemistry would be much easier to understand with her!”

“This is a really great resource for all.  I definitely recommend this to the students at school before any other resources. The tutors are wonderful, patient, and very helpful. Thanks so much for offering to us in need of educational assistants here in HOUSTON.”

“Love the thorough explanation and patience. This clears a lot of problem and confusion, and gives me a good reason to enjoy class for I am now more confidence about getting the right answer in tests and actually learning something of use.”

“Thank you so much!!!! You have no idea how you have helped me. Keep up the good work. All the tutors are awesome and thank you for being patient even when I get frustrated when I don’t understand something. It means a whole lot. I honestly love you guys. Thanks again! You rock!”

“Krishna is an amazing tutor. Not only was Krishna able to explain concepts that I had trouble understanding after my professor went over them, but Krishna was able to get me to enjoy learning science again. I had once loved learning science, but over the years I got frustrated with it. However, Krishna was able to get my confidence to go up! I’ll be sure to come back again. I am no longer afraid to ask questions and I am ready to begin “appreciating the subject.”

“Victoria checked my paper, and once it was done she helped me go over it, mistake by mistake to fix all of them. Thank you for your time!”

“Nick, a writing tutor for the college level, was extraordinarily helpful in helping me edit an application essay to a graduate level program. He went above and beyond to help me, and I cannot say enough good things about his work. All of his corrections of my paper were exactly what I wanted and will help me significantly in working to perfect my essay. Please take note of his excellence.”

“I’m a parent that used this site for the first time. I am thankful for it. I was able to correct how I was explaining math homework to my twins. Penny was very helpful.”

“I was stuck on a problem for two hours, so then I went to this online tutor. I got SOOOO much help!!!! This is a homework-saverrr! 😀 Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! 🙂 -Homework Worrier :D”

“My tutor was truly superb! He was so patient and explained everything in full detail; I was able to grasp the concept fully! I am so thankful for this service!”

“This is a very nice idea, sometimes kids don’t ask the teacher when they have a chance , but the program helps him so much, he will get his grades up soon… thank you !!!!!”

“I enjoyed when he actually taught me how to solve the problem by showing me how to do the step I was stuck on, while other tutors would spend fifteen minutes asking me “Well, how do you think you should solve this problem?”

“I am glad that I was able to get help, pre-algebra is difficult. I take the notes in class but when I get home I sometimes get confused. So I am glad I can come to this site for help.”


“I have a test tomorrow over my homework and this helped me completely to get ready for that test. I’m confident I will pass it now. Thank you.”

“The person was very helpful and they made me feel like I actually had the mental capacity to understand what was going on. They complimented me and that felt nice. Plus, they guided me through the step and made sure that I was following along instead of just doing the problem for me.”

“I have been using this service since middle school and I’m in college now, so thank you (Houston Public Library and BrainFuse) for offering this service!”