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Brainfuse Is Here!

We are excited to have Brainfuse, an on-demand, anytime, anywhere, eLearning proram, as the latest addition to our online learning services. Brainfuse offers BCLS cardholders of all ages and levels free access to live, online tutoring, career help, and other skill-building resources.

Live and Asynchronous Tutoring

Brainfuse offers real-time help from thousands of certified tutors across the country. Its HelpNow feature provides students live tutoring in various subjects such as math, science, reading/writing, and social studies.

The Writing Lab and the Send Question Center options give students the freedom to receive assistance at any time of the day without connecting with a live tutor. The Send Question Center is for non-writing assignments such as math or science. .

Online Study Groups

For learners who prefer to work independently and form their own online study group, HelpNow offers a set of collaborative tools –Meet and Brainwave. Meet allows students to schedule their own online sessions using the Brainfuse Meet whiteboard, which is specifically designed for a group setting. Brainwave is a recordable whiteboard where students can draw, write, and chat and send it to others for feedback.

Practice Tests and Language Learning

Brainfuse’s SkillSurfer offers self-study resources including practice tests (PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP, and GED), articles, practice sheets, and videos. The Language Lab provides tutors for learning either French or Spanish. Brainfuse provides many ways to learn, including electronic flashcards that can be turned into different games and the option to set up virtual study groups.

Help for Adult Learners

Real-time help is also available for adults via the Adult Learning Center, which offers live guidance on various subjects at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, tips on using software like Microsoft Office, and GED test help. Career Resources connects users with powerful tools for career building and professional growth such as resume and cover letter writing guidance and review.

How to Access

You can access Brainfuse and set up a free account with your BCLS card here:

You may also wish to view a tutorial video on how to use Brainfuse HelpNow here:

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