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Our intuitive online platform ensures natural and effortless communication between tutors and students.   

The Brainfuse Classroom allows students and instructors to focus on working together in real-time with targeted tools and instant communication.

Versatile Canvas

Type, draw, add shapes, create graphs, and more!

Infinite Workspace

Our whiteboard automatically expands to accommodate additional content and questions.

Equation Editor

Neatly enter complex formulas and equations through a simple online keyboard.

Review & Share Past Sessions

Conveniently play back, print, or share past tutoring sessions from any desktop or mobile device.

File Sharing

Securely share and download all major file types without using email or sharing personal information.

Audio & Video

Engage students through live audio and video.

Screen Sharing

Simultaneously view and share web-content, browser-based tools, and software applications.

Scan Documents & Notes

Use our mobile app to share handwritten notes or documents with your tutor during a live session. 

Language Translation

Users can translate the real-time chat during any live tutoring session enabling communication in the language they prefer.

Code Editor

Students can get help with coding assignments using the special code editor tool.

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