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Our primary goal is to ensure your success and the success of your students. At Brainfuse, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in helping you achieve meaningful student outcomes that truly matter to all stakeholders involved. Rather than operating as a separate entity, we strive to seamlessly integrate with your team, working together towards a common objective.

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The Brainfuse Difference

Tailored to Your Needs

At Brainfuse, we understand the importance of customization. With a robust national presence and a team of over 4,000 tutors, we offer the perfect partnership that can be scaled according to your requirements. We provide multiple avenues for configuring program offerings and delving into deeper customization options, including subjects, access points, specific curricula, and tutors. Inform us of your preferences, and we will work collaboratively to amplify your success. After all, your success is our success!

Brainfuse provides multiple avenues for configuring program offerings
Brainfuse tutoring ensures a commitment to quality

Assured Quality

Brainfuse tutoring ensures a commitment to quality through built-in assessments and reports. Our curriculum materials are specifically designed to help students demonstrate growth that aligns with your state’s standards, as evaluated in high-stakes assessments. With our intuitive dashboard, you can monitor students’ progress in real-time, witnessing their achievements as they happen.

We take quality monitoring seriously, extending beyond post-session tests and surveys. Brainfuse senior facilitators proactively oversee tutoring sessions with a primary focus on enhancing tutor quality. As a result, tutors receive timely feedback, fostering ongoing improvement and ensuring consistent adherence to the highest standards.

Exceptional Tutors

At Brainfuse, we prioritize the recruitment of highly-qualified tutors. Our team consists of many licensed teachers, with 100% holding a bachelor’s degree and an impressive 96% possessing a graduate degree. After completing a rigorous vetting process, we incorporate a comprehensive monitoring and review system which provides tutors with real-time instructional strategy guidance and assists students with special tutoring requests. The majority of our tutors are based in the United States, ensuring cultural familiarity and effective communication. They are extensively trained and experienced in employing the best practices of online instruction, never just “giving answers,” but focusing on student progress and academic growth.

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Brainfuse Logo Full-Color
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