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Improving Equity in Schools through High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT)

How Tutoring Supports Learning Intervention

Tutoring has been well established as a successful learning intervention for students who are struggling with content or are below proficiency in certain skills. By utilizing another adult to support intervention, students are able to catch up and see growth. This rings true for anything from homework help to high-stakes assessment preparation to early literacy support.

However, traditional opt-in access to tutoring services can be highly inequitable. While on-demand or “just in time” tutoring does help, adoption is often lower than planned, and struggling or marginalized students are less likely to access these resources.

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A recent research report from Brown University shows that the best way to promote learning proficiency and achieve equity for all students is through widespread adoption and implementation of high-dosage tutoring (HDT) initiatives.

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What is High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT)?

HDT is intensive tutoring on a sustained, scheduled basis, in a one-on-one or small-group setting with the same tutor. Oftentimes these sessions occur during the school day and are focused on learning recovery and building academic proficiency. Due to the scheduled and intensive nature, and the individualized learning plans, HDT is making strides in closing learning gaps and improving academic outcomes for all students.

A high-quality HDT offering is:

wider aoption of HDT tutoring

Structured for greater adoption at the classroom and school levels

implement tutoring during the school day

Implemented during the school day

tutoring that needs individual needs

Customizable to meet individual students’ needs

tutoring that delivers progress measurement

Able to deliver progress measurement dashboards for all stakeholders

With BoostHDT, Brainfuse is committed to supporting districtwide implementation of a HDT initiative with fidelity. BoostHDT works with all major LMSs and allows administrators and teachers to easily schedule tutoring sessions for individual students as well as small groups.

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Administrators can adopt districtwide HDT with or without on-demand support to supplement for maximum impact. Brainfuse is one of the only tutoring companies to offer both exclusively in the K-12 space, with demonstrated effectiveness in ESSA Tier 1 studies.

We invite you to see what your district can achieve with BoostHDT. Sign up for a free consultation with a Brainfuse tutoring advisor.

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