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Our rigorous selection process and research-based methodologies ensure the best help available.

Tutor Credentials

No other online tutoring provider exceeds our rigorous vetting standards:
  • The majority possess graduate degrees
  • 100% score at least 90% on the relevant Brainfuse-administered subject matter tests
  • 100% have 3+ years teaching or tutoring experience
  • 100% have over 30 hours of supervised training in pedagogical techniques

About Our Tutors

  • Expert tutors, ready to help: All Brainfuse tutors are experienced professionals who must demonstrate teaching and subject matter expertise.
  • Guiding students without providing answers: Instead of just giving answers, Brainfuse tutors help students arrive at solutions independently.
  • Rigorous quality control: Our comprehensive monitoring and review system provides tutors real-time guidance with instructional strategies and assists students with special tutoring requests.
  • Academic integrity matters: In addition to not providing answers, Brainfuse tutors flag instances of potential plagiarism or cheating and stress the importance of academic honesty with students.

Research-based Methodologies

Our tutors employ research-based methods to engage students in the learning process, rather than simply doing the work for them.
  • Close Observation: Tutors ask probing questions, actively listen, and carefully observe student responses to determine areas of academic need.
  • Guided Learning: Rather than merely answering questions, tutors guide students and encourage active participation by asking Socratic-style questions, formulating example problems, inviting students to summarize concepts, or presenting information through scaffolding or differentiation.
  • Modeling: Instead of just showing a student how to solve a homework problem, the tutor shows the student how to employ concepts, techniques, and strategies that can be applied to similar problems.
  • Patience and Acceptance:  By readily welcoming all questions and eagerly repeating and clarifying concepts as many times as necessary, our tutors put students at ease. 

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