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Welcome to our marketing resources for the Oklahoma VetNow program, designed with libraries in mind. Here you will find various items to help your program succeed.

Below you will find several VetNow promotional images and files that you can directly download from this page. If you would like our graphic design team to create a customized image for you, or for any other special request, please contact us at [email protected].

Helpful Guides

Link Placement Guide PDF
User Guide PDF
Press release template doc

Print Collateral

For easy access, all of the print collateral is in PDF format. Simply download any items you would like to print. For your convenience, each file has been customized with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries information and includes text fields that you can customize.

English JobNow/VetNow Flyer
VetNow Flyer
English JobNow/VetNow Flyer v2
English JobNow/VetNow Flyer v2
VetNow Poster
VetNow Half-Sheet
Business Cards
VetNow Business Cards PDF

Website Promos

Click on the web promo you would like to use. Then save the image to download the full-size. Banners are in various sizes to accommodate different website layouts.

Web Banner 300x300
Web Banner 300x300
Web Banner 300x600
Web Banner 300x600
Web Banner 336x280
Web Banner 336x280
Web Banner 300x250
Web Banner 300x250


Brainfuse tutors are unavailable on some holidays. The images below can be shared to let your community know that tutoring is unavailable.


As a veteran, there are many benefits to help you and your family buy homes, earn degrees, start careers, stay healthy, and more. It can be difficult to find the help you need. Brainfuse Veteran Navigators are available to help you determine your eligible benefits. Simply visit the [name of library’s] website to get free, anonymous assistance.  #vetnow #veterans #militarytocivilianlife #BrainfuseCommunity #librariestransform #whatlibrariesdo #VAbenefits #buyahome #earnadegree #startyourcareer #stayhealthy

As a veteran, you may be eligible for benefits. But figuring out your edibility can be a challenge. Connect with a live veteran navigator to get free assistance determining your VA eligibility. All Brainfuse navigators are veterans. Visit [URL] to connect. #VABenefits #Veterans #BrainfuseCommunity #ThankYouForYourService

Did you know you may be eligible for VA benefits if you are a uniformed Servicemember; Veteran; or spouse, child, or parent of a deceased or disabled Servicemember or Veteran. Visit [URL] to connect with a veteran for assistance in determining your eligible VA benefits. #SupportOurVeterans #VABenefits #VeteranLife #MilitarytoCivilian #Veteran #AllYouNeedisLove #LibraryCard #LibraryLoversMonth #BrainfuseCommunity

Are you a veteran? Do you know a veteran? Using their library card, you can get free live online assistance from veterans to help you discover your VA benefits. Visit [URL]. #SupportOurVeterans #VABenefits #2022Goals #Veteran

Are you a veteran, or do you know a veteran, who is transitioning from military to civilian life? Visit [your library’s website] to find VetNow to connect with a live veteran navigator and get free assistance from a veteran with your VA benefits. You can also get help with job hunting, resumes, interviews, and building your academic skills. #BrainfuseCommunity #librariestransform #GetLibraryCarded #LibraryCardSignUp #Veterans #MilitarytoCivilian

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. [Name of library] offers Brainfuse VetNow where you can connect anonymously with a veteran to get help figuring out VA benefits. #Veterans #VABenefits #BrainfuseCommunity

Get help making 2024 your year! Connect with an online Veteran Navigator or use the Veteran Resources to discover your VA benefits. Visit (url). #Veterans #VABenefits #BrainfuseCommunity #2024Goals

Veterans have a unique set of challenges, and the library is one of the best places to get free live online assistance from veterans who can help you discover your VA benefits. With their [name of library] library card, veterans can access VetNow which includes a wide range of online resources and live veteran navigators that are dedicated to helping them understand their rights and benefits. #HelpForVeterans #VABenefits #BrainfuseCommunity

Get personalized assistance navigating VA benefits including education programs and career development. Brainfuse VetNow navigators are here to support you every step of the way. Simply log in to VetNow from [your library’s website] and connect with a live navigator to guide you with maximizing your well-deserved benefits. #BrainfuseCommunity #VeteranBenefits #SupportingHeroes #ThankYouForYourService


A great resume is essential to landing the right job and there are elements that will help you stand out from other applicants. Use the VetNow resume help to connect with a resume coach or use the resume lab for a free professional resume review. Visit [URL].  #BrainfuseCommunity #Employment #JobHunting #ResumeReview #ResumeHelp #ResumeWriting

When leaving the military, one of the hardest things is figuring out how the skills you learned translate to civilian careers. With your library card, you can get FREE, anonymous help with job searching, figuring out a career path, and even a professional resume review. Visit [URL] to get live help. #SupportOurVeterans #VABenefits #VeteranLife #MilitarytoCivilian #Veteran #BrainfuseCommunity

If you are currently unemployed, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you need to file a claim with the unemployment insurance program in the state where you worked. This can be confusing; don’t worry! The Brainfuse Unemployment Benefits Navigators are here to help. #Unemployed #UnemploymentBenefits #Jobs #LookingForaJob #WhatLibrariesDo #BrainfuseCommunity

Leaving the military and not sure what’s next for your career? Visit eParachute to discover what you love to do and how you work best to create personalized career ideas. Then explore career options by learning about job details, salaries, and more. #FindaJob #eParachute #WhatColorIsYourParachute #DreamJob #JobSeeker

Brainfuse job coaches can help you with your resume AND help you prep for that all-important job interview. Get that job you’ve been wanting! #jobcoaching #jobinterviewprep #findajob #employment #whatlibrariesdo #BrainfuseCommunity

Veterans bring something unique to every interview – military experience. No matter your role, you bring something extra to the table that your civilian counterparts do not. However, how can you make your military experience relatable? Did you plan operations? You can describe missions as projects which you oversaw. To get personalized help preparing for your interview, connect with a VetNow interview coach. Visit [here]. #VeteranInterview #CivilianCareer #InterviewPreparation #BrainfuseCommunity

Quick tip for a military-to-civilian resume: focus on experience that is relevant to the job for which you’re applying. To get specific insight on translating your military skills to civilian careers, visit (URL) to connect with an expert. #MilitaryToCivilianCareer #ResumeTip #BrainfuseCommunity #Veterans #JobsForVeterans

Are you struggling with creating a strong resume that highlights your skills and experiences? Look no further! Getting a resume review can make all the difference when it comes to landing your dream job. With the help of a professional, you can create a resume that effectively communicates your unique qualifications and sets you apart from the competition. Take advantage of the Brainfuse VetNow resources at [URL] and get the support you deserve. Thank you for your service and best of luck in your job search! #VeteranSupport #ResumeReview #CareerDevelopment #BrainfuseCommunity

Calling all military veterans! Are you transitioning from the military to civilian life and need help creating a resume that showcases your skills and experience? Look no further than your local library! We’re proud to offer Brainfuse Vet Now, a free resource for veterans transitioning to civilian life. The SkillsFirst section program includes expert advice, templates, and tips to help you translate your military experience into civilian terms and stand out in your job search. Best of all, it’s completely free! Visit [URL] today!  #MilitaryVeterans #ResumeBuilder #LibraryResources #CareerTransition #FreeProgram #BrainfuseCommunity

Tip to translate your resume: Steer clear of military jargon and complex language. Remember, most civilian employers may not be familiar with military terms or understand your job title. Keep it clear and concise. Need extra assistance? Connect with a VetNow resume expert who can provide valuable guidance and help you optimize your resume. #BrainfuseCommunity #ResumeTranslation #VetNowExperts #JobSeeker #Veterans


Returning to school? Visit the SkillSurfer section of VetNow to build your skills with lessons, videos, practice tests, and more! Go here [url] to get started. #BrainfuseCommunity #Veterans #AdultLearners #SkillsBuilding #TheMoreYouKnow

Read lessons. Watch videos. Take tests. Know more. Visit the SkillSurfer section of VetNow to build your skills in hundreds of academic topics. Go here [url] to get started. #BrainfuseCommunity #Veterans #AdultLearners #SkillsBuilding #TheMoreYouKnow

Are you looking to improve your writing skills? Look no further than Brainfuse VetNow’s Writing Lab! Whether you’re crafting an email, working on essays, or simply honing your communication skills, the Brainfuse Writing Lab is here to support you every step of the way. It’s never too late to sharpen your writing abilities and reach your academic and professional goals. Visit [URL] to get help. #BrainfuseCommunity #Veterans #ThankYouForYourService #AdultLearners #WritingSkills #Education #WritingTutors #PersonalizedFeedback #SkillsImprovement #LearnAndGrow

Training Videos

Brainfuse has created short video tutorials for each aspect of JobNow/VetNow so that you can quickly and easily get additional information about available features.

Overview video of VetNow
Watch the VetNow overview video
SkillSurfer video
Watch the SkillSurfer video
Live Tutoring video
Watch the live tutoring video
Watch the live veteran navigator and veteran resources video