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Brainfuse Helps Students Get Better Grades

If you have not yet tried BrainFuse – HelpNow, then you not getting the best grades you can!

Las Vegas

by Lauren

If you have not yet tried BrainFuse – HelpNow, then you not getting the best grades you can!

Look at what our students who did use BrainFuse – HelpNow last month had to say! Then you try it this month and see if it will help you get those terrific grades.  Be sure to let us know when you take the survey at the end of your session what you thought of your experience.


My tutor for today helped me for the longest time! She was patient and so helpful. I hope she gets recognized. I feel so much better!
I feel that this is a great service. I have reccomended it to some of my friends. The only problem today was my calculator. I wanted to say thank you for the help you did offer!!!!
I have been using Brainfuse for 3 years now, and I have never had a tutor as good as MatthewM2. He has gone above and beyond the typical tutor by quickly helping me work through my assignment and wording it in ways that make the material fun and interesting. His happiness to assist me and his speedy replies are the way that tutoring should be. He understands the material very well and this is obvious from his responses. It was my pleasure to seek assistance from him on my homework!
I am in the 9th grade and math is very hard for me. And had I not used this service I would not have been able to complete my assignment.
I would be so lost if this website did not exist!
the teachers board should move when the student moves the board.
Another Great Tutor!
thank you it has help my daughter so mush thank you again
I think its better when the tutor shows you step by step and uses examples that really helps!
sorry JillJS for being accidently disconnected from you! Something happened and I got disconnected. Sorry 🙁 and feic , thank you for your help as well! you guys are amazing =)
JasonCh very helpful
PhillipJ17! You are such an AWESOME tutor! Thanks for all your help and of all of the tutors I speak with , your my favorite! 😀
i really like brain fuse and the tutors are excellent thank you for offering this God bless
this is a very good help homework online they are so nice i would tell my friends about this because it help me on my grades improve very well thanks online helpnow teacher me more everyday
I love this site.
Awesome website and teachers
I love this 🙂
Hi, I really enjoy the help I am getting from HelpNow. I’m overjoyed at the new upgrades done to Brainfuse’s framework for communicating with a tutor as I suggested in earlier comments. Because of recent added options, I found my sessions to be nearly double as fast simply because I had the liberty to say and ask what I needed to say and ask. Brainfuse is perfect for those couple problems which I may have missed in class or which my textbook narrowly goes over. HelpNow has helped me out on numerous concepts, consequently allowing me to maintain straight A’s in all of my classes since my entering of High School. It is now my junior year. Many Thanks.
hannahh87 you are amazing! this person needs a raise for how great they are 🙂 They answered all of my questions precisely, showed and explained to me how to do each problem step by step, and somehow actually made me enjoy math! 😀 ahaha, well hannahh87 , I know who I’m requesting next time! (It’s you!) 🙂
This site offers better help with my homework compared to my teachers help.
authur is no help at all
fun tutoring thank you
saiemg was an amazing tutor!
sometimes your people are slow with the problems
i love this program if you didnt have it i will probably be failing so thank you 🙂
I really liked how my SECOND tutor took the time to explain how it worked.Thank you @lauraB9! hOWEVER I was transfered to a secong tutor and im not sure why, but i appreaciate how she took the time to explain and give me an example. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!