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HelpNow Critical Evaluation – An Amazing Tool for Students

Summary: Help Now is an online tutoring program that gives students help when they need it with most school subjects. There are three main areas to Help Now; Expert Help, Study Suite and Collaboration Suite. In the Expert Help suite students can get one-on-one homework help; tutors help students gain skills for state-based tests, and writing assistance through papers submitted online or through live tutoring. In the Study Suite, users can take assessments in a plethora of tests. After the assessment the user receives recommendations of areas which they should study. Also, in the Study Suite users can access an extensive library of flash cards. Lastly, in the Collaboration Suite users can access a program called Brainwave in which they can virtually meet with group members and collaborate via chat, drawing and audio tools. They can also record their group sessions to review later.


Young Adult Materials Research/ Blog Project

Critical Evaluation
HelpNow is an amazing tool available for students who may not be able to get the help they need at home. Another big advantage to help now is that it is available 24/7, so students can get help anytime they need it, without having to wait around. The tutoring and testing tools the database offers as well as the collaboration tools are just astonishing. The database provides easy access to live help as well as test prep materials such as flashcards and test assessments. So much information and help are available are the users fingertips. This database does not have a free online equivalent of such high quality information and help. While the database is available for any student from kindergarten to college, it is hard to imagine how an early elementary school student could navigate this database successfully. This database is therefore recommended for fourth graders on up, as those are the students who could successfully maneuver this program alone.

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