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New Mexico State Library Provides Free Statewide Access To Online Tutoring

Brainfuse tutoring delivers precisely the type of service we need to help New Mexico’s children – and students of all ages– succeed in the classroom.


by New Mexico State Library

Students and adults across New Mexico can now obtain homework help, study tips, and career assistance with the click of a mouse. The New Mexico State Library, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, has purchased a statewide subscription to Brainfuse, an online tutoring and education portal. New Mexicans will be able to access Brainfuse through public libraries, colleges or universities, and K-12 schools, Secretary Veronica Gonzales of the Department of Cultural Affairs announced today at a press conference.

Brainfuse was purchased with the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) federal grant distributed by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The program specializes in one-to-one tutoring, study skills-building, and career assistance through its HelpNow™ and JobNow™ services.

HelpNow is a unique tutoring and study suite designed for patrons of all ages. It consists of expert tutoring including one-to-one online homework help, state-aligned skills building, writing assistance, an adult learning center, foreign language center, and 24/7 question center. Further, its study tools include access to a testing center, group study collaboration tools, and flashcard creation. The Brainfuse Mobile App provides access to HelpNow anywhere.

JobNow is Brainfuse’s premium job coaching service. Its distinctive suite of resources for job seekers includes on-demand access to trained career experts who provide live, one-to-one interview coaching and resume assistance. Brainfuse job coaches provide live, online assistance in strategically targeting jobs best suited to a patron’s interests and qualifications.
Brainfuse boasts a state-of-the-art routing and staffing system to ensure that students receive help in a timely fashion even during periods of high demand. All tutors have a four-year college degree and submit to a rigorous selection and training process. Additionally, Spanish-speaking tutors are available. Brainfuse’s policy is to provide explanations of concepts – not just answers.

The Los Angeles Unified School District ranked Brainfuse number one among all approved tutoring programs in terms of improving student math scores. The Colorado Department of Education ranked Brainfuse first in the study of both math and reading, with a math improvement rate of 30% and a reading improvement rate of 39.3%

Secretary Gonzales said, “Brainfuse tutoring delivers precisely the type of service we need to help New Mexico’s children – and students of all ages– succeed in the classroom. By providing expert tutoring and one-to-on online homework help, the New Mexico State Library’s partnership with Brainfuse will deliver professional and timely assistance to students to help maximize their grasp of the lessons being taught. And, it doesn’t stop there. The Brainfuse education portal and mobile app also provides career assistance, counseling and the actual coaching of students in how to land a job.”

Through the NM State Library, DCA has a database platform unique to state government which allows for the dissemination of information to all New Mexicans through El Portal ( – where Brainfuse will be housed.

“When they take the time to use Brainfuse, New Mexico students will find it’s like having your own personal tutor and career counselor on call 24/7,” said Gonzales.

“This innovative program provides the next logical step in ensuring New Mexico’s students come out of school with a firm grasp of the curriculum they have just studied,” said Acting State Library Director and Deputy Cabinet Secretary Mike Delello, “It then increases the probability that those students will put their education to use – hopefully right here at home in New Mexico, with solid career counseling and advisors provided by Brainfuse.”

“There are gaps in the knowledge of even the most educated parent,” said Delello. “With the advent of Brainfuse, New Mexico’s mothers and fathers now have backup when their child tackles a tough homework assignment. Coupled with Brainfuse’s job coaching service, the long-term ripple effect of this partnership with the State Library will have an impact on students and job seekers in New Mexico for generations to come.” Brainfuse Media Relase