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Brainfuse Welcomes Five Outstanding Professionals to Its Team

Brainfuse, a leading online education and tutoring platform, is thrilled to announce the addition of five highly accomplished individuals to its team. These new hires bring a wealth of experience and expertise that will further enhance Brainfuse’s commitment to providing top-quality education solutions to students and institutions worldwide.

  1. Christa Ehmann PowersSenior Vice President and Chief Education Officer
    Christa Ehmann Powers is a true pioneer in the field of online tutoring, with over two decades of experience in improving learner success for students of all ages. Her impressive career includes serving as a founding executive of Smarthinking, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the protocols and educational standards for online tutoring. Christa holds master’s and doctorate degrees from Oxford University and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Ed Tech Influencers in 2022.In addition to her impressive education and professional experience, Christa is Involved in various non-profit education organizations. Dr. Ehmann sat on the Washington D.C. board of directors of Learning Ally—a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving individuals equal access to learning by making reading accessible for all K-12, high school, college and graduate students, veterans and lifelong learners with blindness, visual impairment, dyslexia or other learning disabilities through digital recordings and assistive technology devices. She also is a past member of the CCCC’s Committee for Effective Practices in Online Writing Instruction.

    In her new role at Brainfuse, Christa will oversee education quality, innovation, and business strategy, collaborating with various stakeholders to drive the company’s mission forward.

    Christa expressed her enthusiasm for joining Brainfuse, stating, “What an exciting time to join Brainfuse! Establishing meaningful relationships with learners in today’s world has never been more important. Brainfuse represents the best in this endeavor and in its commitment to the highest quality education. Engaging and guiding learners with individual and small group tutoring demands tomorrow’s skills and technology coupled with everlasting principles of good teaching. Given the virtually limitless demand for learning guidance in this time of rapid change, I’m thrilled to join Brainfuse in its mission to address the opportunities and challenges for learners heading into the mid-21st Century.”

  2. Karen Sanders – Education Strategy Expert
    Karen Sanders brings over 15 years of experience in the ed tech industry, specializing in education-related quality, strategy, and policies. Her career has been marked by successful collaborations with partner institutions, clients, and internal stakeholders. At Brainfuse, Karen will work closely with both new and existing Higher Ed and K-12 clients, leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and excellence while ensuring the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders alike.
  3. Jon Keck – Software DeveloperJon Keck brings over two decades of industry experience in IT, data management, software development, team management, and executive leadership. With a bachelor’s degree in business from Rutger’s University, Jon’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to launch several successful businesses. In his new role at Brainfuse, Jon will contribute his extensive technical knowledge and skills as a software developer.
  4. Portia Naze – Account Executive
    Portia Naze is a seasoned sales leader with a strong background in building and nurturing long-term relationships. Her career includes roles at Savvas Learning and CCI Learning, where she excelled in ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. Portia’s previous experience as a high school math teacher and coach uniquely positions her to connect with educators and stakeholders in the education space. She holds an M.A. from Ball State University and a B.S. from Northern Arizona University.
  5. Chris Bronis – Account Executive
    Chris Bronis brings over 20 years of experience in sales within the education sector to Brainfuse. His passion for helping students personalize their learning and foster growth has defined his career. Chris has also worked extensively with libraries and universities, and he is excited to continue his work with school districts as they navigate the evolving landscape of education. Chris is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

Brainfuse is confident that these talented individuals will contribute significantly to its mission of providing high-quality educational support and services to learners of all levels and backgrounds.

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