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Brainfuse Expands Online Tutoring Reach to New School Districts in Three States

Brainfuse, a leading provider of online tutoring and academic resources, today announced strategic partnerships with three new schools across the country, providing targeted academic support to students in Passaic, New Jersey, Indian Prairie, Illinois, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Passaic, New Jersey: Brainfuse is partnering with the Passaic School District through the New Jersey Learning Acceleration Program (NJLAP) to offer targeted tutoring for students in Grades 3 and 4. This afterschool program will leverage Brainfuse’s online platform to connect students with experienced and qualified tutors, including bilingual tutors to support English learners.

Indian Prairie, Illinois: Brainfuse is collaborating with Indian Prairie School District 204 to provide a 1:1 targeted tutoring program for students. This initiative will connect students with dedicated tutors for personalized support in core subjects, addressing individual learning needs, and enhancing academic performance.

Kansas City, Missouri: Brainfuse is joining forces with the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools to offer supplementary academic support to high school students. The program will focus on ACT and AP preparation. Using Brainfuse’s extensive library of resources, live tutoring, and practice tests, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on standardized tests and earn college credit.

“We are thrilled to partner with these innovative school districts to provide their students with access to professional tutors,” said Francesco Lecciso, CEO of Brainfuse. “Our solutions are designed to empower students of all backgrounds and abilities to reach their full potential, and we are confident that these partnerships will make a significant impact on the lives of countless learners.”

About Brainfuse
Brainfuse is a leading provider of online learning and academic support solutions. With a mission to make quality education accessible to everyone, Brainfuse offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including live tutoring, interactive exercises, skill-building activities, and curriculum-aligned content. Brainfuse partners with schools, libraries, and workforce development organizations to empower individuals of all ages to achieve their academic and professional goals.