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Brainfuse is the only online tutoring provider with demonstrated success in ESSA Tier 1 controlled studies.​

About Our Tutors

Our rigorous selection process and research-based methodologies ensure the best help available.

Guiding students without providing answers

Instead of just giving answers, Brainfuse tutors help students arrive at solutions independently.

Quality control

Our comprehensive monitoring and review system provides tutors with real-time guidance with instructional strategies and assists students with special tutoring requests.

Academic integrity matters

In addition to not providing answers, Brainfuse tutors flag instances of potential plagiarism or cheating and stress the importance of academic honesty with students.

Research-Based Methodologies

Our tutors employ research-based methods to engage students in the learning process, rather than simply doing the work for them.

Close Observation

Tutors ask probing questions, actively listen, and carefully observe student responses to determine areas of academic need.

Guided Learning

Rather than merely answering questions, tutors guide students and encourage active participation through Socratic-style questions, formulating example problems, inviting students to summarize concepts, scaffolding, and differentiation.


Instead of just showing a student how to solve a homework problem, the tutor teaches concepts, techniques, and strategies that can be applied to similar problems.

Patience and Acceptance

By readily welcoming all questions and eagerly clarifying concepts as many times as necessary. Our tutors put students at ease.

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Brainfuse Logo Full-Color
Our mission is to connect people who want to learn with experts who love to teach.


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