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Brainfuse is the only current online tutoring provider with demonstrated success in randomized controlled studies (ESSA Tier 1).

Use our Proactive Assistance™ reporting sysem to identify struggling students early

Our Proactive Assistance™ data reporting system identifies struggling students early — even before they have taken a test, submitted a paper, or received a grade. It also provides a course-by-course view of the academic obstacles leading students to seek tutoring in the first place. The Proactive Assistance system includes the following elements:

Early Identification of Struggling Students by Tutors

Brainfuse tutors flag sessions when students evidence particular struggle with a concept. In such cases, tutors also supply details regarding the nature of the academic issue. This information becomes available immediately to designated individuals within your institution for timely follow-up

Customized Alerts

Our platform allows your institution to customize automated alerts when students exhibit usage patterns (such as high frequency of use or consistently long sessions) that might indicate a need for additional academic support beyond online tutoring.

Actionable Analytics

Our dashboard reports in great detail the skills and questions covered during tutoring sessions. By granularly identifying the academic concepts students struggle with most, institutions gain valuable insights regarding course design efficacy, clarity of instructional materials, and the overall student experience

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Brainfuse Logo Full-Color
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