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Why Brainfuse?

Brainfuse is the only national online tutoring provider with demonstrated success in randomized controlled studies (ESSA Tier 1).

Brainfuse's online tutoring program is customized to fit your school's unique needs.

Tutor Availability

It is virtually impossible for most on-demand tutoring programs to predict tutor availability. When a program is understaffed, students have to endure excessive wait times, while an overstaffed program incurs excessive costs. Our proprietary staffing algorithm predicts usage patterns to optimize staffing, eliminate wait times, and ensure smooth, continuous service.

Manage Costs

For one flat, affordable fee, your district can provide affordable tutoring to all of your students. And our dashboard provides you with all the information you need to determine program effectiveness and monitor how your district’s funds are being used.

Brainfuse demonstrates effectiveness in multiple ESSA Tier 1 studies.

Colorado Department of Education

Key Findings: In a study conducted by the OMNI Institute, Brainfuse ranked first in math and reading test score improvement (30% for math and 39.3% in reading). 

Los Angeles Unified School District

Key Findings: In a study conducted by Angeles Unified School District Research Unit, Brainfuse ranked first among all approved LAUSD tutoring providers in improving student math scores. 

High-Dosage Tutoring Options

Depending on your needs, your district can opt for on-demand tutoring, targeted tutoring, or both.

On-Demand Tutoring

We offer schools the option of allowing students who require assistance in addition to their scheduled sessions to connect instantly with a live, online tutor or to submit a paper to our writing lab.

Targeted Tutoring

For over two decades, Brainfuse has helped students build academic skills through personalized tutoring. While we regularly tailor our programs according to each school’s preferences, our programs generally involve an initial assessment, an individualized tutoring plan, targeted tutoring, and progress tracking.

Program Design

Whether you are looking to supplement your existing curriculum or create a customized learning path for each student, our project management team will help you realize your vision. Our curriculum team will work with your district or school to design a program to fit your needs and help you realize your vision. Customization options include frequency of sessions, alignment to your curriculum standards, incorporation of assessment data, defining the group of students to get tutored, and white labeling of our platform.

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Brainfuse Logo Full-Color
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Download the Colorado Department of Education Study

Download the Los Angeles Unified School District Research Unit Study