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Use Your Library More in 2014

It is quite remarkable how well the library fits into so many New Year’s resolutions. And if promising to use your public library more in 2014 is also on that list, your resolution double-dip is a total win-win. We are here to help you be your best and are looking forward to a colorful 2014. Here are just a few suggestions on how the Chattanooga Public Library can help you accomplish your goals.


In 2014 I will…..

Submitted by the Chattanooga Public Library

  1. Add new competitive skills to the resume
    You got this. You can take an enormous amount of free courses using our tech education hub, Treehouse. What do you want to do? Build apps? Self-publish? Level up on your coding chops​? You know it’s a digital library full of courses and projects that you can access free with your library card.

  2. Save money
    Good one! Start by streaming your movies, music and audiobooks from hoopla. You guessed it, totally free with your library card. You can also download best-sellers to your eReaders too from here, here, and here. Seriously, your device and your library need to be in a relationship.

  3. Help my amazing kid be more excellent
    You’re the best. Hook that amazing kid up with some online tutoring through the library with Brainfuse. And be sure to try out a Makeanooga.​

  4. Make my first 3D print
    Perfect timing because we are expanding our hours on the 4th floor starting January 2 and will be open 5 days a week. Bring that amzing kid of yours to The 2nd Floor downtown and he can start his/her own 3D project with teen super-librarians​, Justin or Megan.

  5. Read more
    Excellent. Why not ask the library’s #mynextread librarian to help you pick your next book. You can even put it on hold and have it delivered to your branch.

  6. Get more involved in my community and neighborhood
    Nice! One great place to start is with the Open Chattanooga Brigade. They need people just like you.

  7. Get out of the house more
    We can help with that too! The library has an event calendar filled with great stuff for the whole family from free movies and crafternoons to early literacy workshops and special events featuring the GigCity’s artists and entrepreneurs.

  8. Start working on my genealogy project
    The library is your gateway to incredible resources and tools like Genealogy Connect, Heritage Quest and much more.

  9. Learn a new language
    Get started now with Mango, a free language learning center offered through the library and available with your library card.​

  10. Scan my old family photos and letters
    Well just bring that box to the library and make high quality scans to preserve and share your treasures.

  11. Start my own blog
    The world is waiting! Learn how to build your own website or blog with free tutorials from Learn4Life and Treehouse. And that’s just for starters. You can jump into online tutorials for Photoshop and other powerful self-publishing tools.