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Revamping Tutoring for Student Success: 6 Signs Your Current Program Falls Short

Recent headlines paint a grim picture of current student performance. To name a few, NPR says U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades, the Washington Post warns National test scores plunge, with still no sign of pandemic recovery, and The74 shares NAEP Scores ‘Flashing Red’ After a Lost Generation of Learning for 13-Year-Olds. Tutoring has emerged as a valuable solution, offering targeted support to students in need of extra assistance. However, the massive influx of tutoring solutions in the market, each promising exceptional results, has left schools and districts disillusioned and unsure of where to turn. The reality is that many of these touted programs fail to meet expectations or provide proof points that show effectiveness, making it imperative to assess the effectiveness of any tutoring program you’ve invested in.

However, there are telltale signs when a tutoring program is in need of a makeover. To begin, let’s explore key indicators that your current tutoring program might not be working as expected. From low adoption rates to a lack of measurable outcomes, consider the below signs to determine if it’s time for a tutoring reset.

Low Adoption Rates of Actual Usage that Lead to Poor ROI

A glaring red flag is low adoption rates among both teachers and students. A program that is not regularly utilized or integrated into the curriculum indicates a lack of engagement or alignment with instructional goals. Additionally, if there are no integrated systems that communicate progress to teachers and parents, students are left to their own devices, for better or worse. Unfortunately, research shows that struggling learners and marginalized student populations are less likely to take full advantage of optional resources, consequently perpetuating already vast educational disparities.

Effective tutoring requires active participation from all stakeholders involved and thoughtful adoption procedures. Many schools and districts see increased adoption rates through high-dosage initiatives with on-demand tutoring as an added layer of support when needed, such as that of BoostHDT and HelpNow from Brainfuse. By incorporating tutoring into the school day and working with a committed tutoring partner that continuously supports wide-scale adoption, educators are able to reach their most vulnerable students, increasing adoption and equitable access concurrently.

Unverified and Non-US-Based Tutors

Tutor quality is a critical component of any successful tutoring program. If your current provider employs tutors who are inadequately trained or located outside of the United States, this significantly impacts the effectiveness of tutoring sessions. Ensuring that tutors have the necessary expertise and academic understanding is vital for meaningful student support. Additionally, students learn best from educators they can relate to, share a native language, and who utilize culturally-affirming instructional content, and these considerations are rarely at the forefront of typical tutoring programs.

At Brainfuse, we prioritize quality and expertise when employing tutors through a comprehensive training process and extensive background checks. Many of our tutors are licensed educators, and the majority are based in the United States. This ensures that students and teachers have access to knowledgeable, relatable professionals whenever support is needed. Brainfuse confidently and strategically matches students with tutors and leads with video-based tutoring to further enhance student-tutor relationships. With our extensive network of tutors, we guarantee consistent access to experts who can provide the assistance and guidance needed to foster academic success.

Low Student Engagement

Engagement is key to the success of any educational program. Lack of student enthusiasm or interest during tutoring sessions clearly indicates that the program fails to capture student attention or address individual needs. Meaningful and interactive engagement is essential to foster positive learning experiences.

Student engagement must remain center stage, and virtual tutoring programs must ensure engagement to be successful. At Brainfuse, we understand that an engaging curriculum, qualified tutors, and interactive platform features are pivotal in creating a vibrant and exciting learning experience. Each Brainfuse tutoring session instills enthusiasm and curiosity, as our carefully crafted curriculum captivates students’ attention. Our qualified tutors bring their expertise and passion to every session, fostering an environment that sparks student interest and active participation. With interactive platform features like default video-on and live audio, students actively collaborate, explore, and interact, making the virtual tutoring experience truly engaging and empowering.

Lack of Measurable Results in Student Proficiency and Performance

The ultimate goal of tutoring is to enhance student proficiency and improve academic performance. Without tangible progress or measurable outcomes, tutoring programs fall short. Meaningful data-driven insights are crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make informed decisions.

At Brainfuse, we center student growth and progress. That’s why our solutions incorporate built-in assessments and a real-time dashboard, enabling all stakeholders to witness and measure student advancement. Our comprehensive assessment tools provide valuable insights into students’ strengths and areas for improvement, facilitating targeted and personalized support. With the real-time dashboard, teachers, administrators, and parents can monitor students’ progress, track milestones, and make data-informed decisions to ensure continuous growth. In particular, our BoostHDT focuses on personalized skill scaffolding and has clear built-in metrics. When implementing a wide-scale tutoring program, it’s important to define your objectives and how you will measure effectiveness throughout implementation. Turn to a metrics-focused, proven tutoring partner like Brainfuse to drive student achievement.

Difficulties in Implementation and Product Support

Implementing a tutoring program can come with its fair share of challenges, particularly when attempting to seamlessly integrate into existing systems and provide ongoing product support. Schools and districts often struggle with complex implementation processes, technical issues, and limited support resources. These hurdles greatly impede the smooth functioning of the program, resulting in frustration and wasted time for educators and students alike.

Brainfuse understands the importance of a streamlined implementation process and ongoing product support. We prioritize making the integration of our tutoring solutions as seamless as possible and ensure our programs are compatible with numerous devices, web browsers, and internet speeds. Our dedicated team works closely with schools and districts to provide comprehensive support throughout the implementation phase, ensuring a smooth transition. Our commitment to exceptional product support sets us apart. We offer robust technical assistance and ongoing professional learning to ensure educators and administrators can maximize the full potential of our tutoring solutions. We value your success and aim to provide the necessary support to overcome implementation challenges effectively.

You Bought a Program That Didn’t Give You Good Value

With the influx of ESSER funds, your district or state may have been tempted by large scale, non-refundable “unlimited” contracts. These appeared on the surface to be a great value, but the devil is in the details.

With On-Demand tutoring in particular, adoption happens at the school level and requires a sustained communication and integration effort. Look for programs that enable both student-driven as well as teacher-led engagement models. Consider vendors that will ensure value for your tutoring, like with the Brainfuse guaranteed value program. And also consider a mix of High-Dosage Tutoring in your program to ensure adoption with high-need groups.

Don't Give Up On Tutoring!

If your current program shows multiple signs of underperformance, it’s time for a tutoring makeover. Brainfuse’s HelpNow and BoostHDT solutions address common challenges faced by many other tutoring programs, offering high-dosage tutoring for personalized support and on-demand tutoring for immediate assistance.

As a tutoring expert with an unwavering commitment to student achievement, Brainfuse has been a leader in the tutoring field since 1999, making us a trusted and experienced partner in educational success. We strive to make implementation smooth and provide unparalleled product support, allowing you to focus on your students and their growth. By transitioning to Brainfuse’s tutoring solutions before the start of a new school year, you provide better instruction and opportunities for your students, helping them reach their goals.

Ready to unlock the full potential of tutoring? Discover the transformative power of Brainfuse’s HelpNow and BoostHDT solutions.