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From Understaffed to Success: Ways Tutoring Relieves the Teacher Shortage Burden

According to federal data, 45% of U.S. public schools had at least one teacher vacancy as of October 2022. In particular, districts struggle to find qualified educators to fill special education, science, and math positions, and sadly the current teacher shortage disproportionately affects high-poverty and high-minority districts more than others. This crisis puts a huge strain on districts, educators, and ultimately students. However, there is a solution that offers hope and support: high-quality tutoring. Research consistently shows that high-quality tutoring positively impacts student learning outcomes while taking some pressure off of overextended classroom educators. Read on for five ways high-quality tutoring can address problems caused by the current teacher shortage.

5 Ways High-Quality Tutoring Addresses the Teacher Shortage

  1. Supplement classroom instruction. Current students are performing at record-low rates and need additional support. As teachers face these increasing demands, tutoring can supplement classroom instruction by reinforcing classroom instructional content, offering additional resources, and presenting material in new ways that benefit diverse learners. Evidence-based tutoring provider Brainfuse offers both on-demand tutoring (being helpful at the moment when students need immediate support) and high-dosage tutoring (being beneficial for continual academic support, often during class time). With repeated exposure to content and more individualized instruction, struggling learners are better set up to master new skills.

  2. Fill learning gaps. One significant consequence of multiple years of disrupted learning and the current teacher shortage crisis is the overwhelming presence of learning gaps among students. While classroom teachers can attempt to pull small groups for remediation or differentiate lessons based on academic gaps, a tutor’s sole focus is to address the individual needs of the one to four students in front of them. By connecting students with qualified tutors who can diagnose gaps and tailor all instruction to fill those gaps, proven tutoring providers like Brainfuse ensure that students receive targeted instruction and continuously solidify their academic foundation. This personalized approach enables students to catch up, keep pace, or even excel in areas where they may have fallen behind.

  3. Provide students with individualized attention. High-quality tutoring offers a unique advantage in providing students with individualized attention. Many students have not only academic needs, but they also have social, emotional, and behavioral needs. With small student-to-tutor ratios, Brainfuse’s online tutoring sessions allow for focused and personalized instruction, with group sizes exceeding no more than four students. Tutors adapt their teaching methods to suit each student’s learning style, pace, and needs. Additionally, students benefit from building trusting relationships with supportive adults. This customized approach ensures that students receive the attention and support necessary to overcome varying challenges and maximize their learning potential.

  4. Pair students with content experts for harder-to-find teaching subjects. Certain subjects, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or specialized areas like special education, currently experience a greater shortage of qualified teachers. With only highly trained tutors, Brainfuse addresses this challenge by connecting students with tutors who possess expertise in these harder-to-find teaching subjects and who match the content needs of each student. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, these tutors provide students with the guidance and instruction they need to excel.

  5. Offer a flexible and accessible learning solution. The best online tutoring options are easily customizable to the unique needs of each school or district. Brainfuse tutoring offers a flexible and accessible learning solution that meets the scheduling, logistical, and academic demands of each partner. Brainfuse’s user-friendly online platform allows students to request tutoring sessions at times that suit their schedules. Additionally, the Brainfuse classroom is computer or mobile device compatible, ADA-compliant, and accessible to students who may not be computer savvy. Brainfuse offers customized tutoring solutions to schools and districts, ensuring that each partnership is tailored to meet the unique needs of their students and teachers.

Brainfuse: The Chosen Tutoring Solution

In the face of the current teacher shortage crisis, it is crucial to address the strain placed on educators and administrators with trusted solutions that support a quality education for students. For nearly twenty-five years, Brainfuse has provided high-quality, evidence-based tutoring to students across the country. We believe that by embracing the power of technology and personalized tutoring, we can help to bridge gaps left by the teacher shortage and provide students with the educational support they need to thrive.

Are you ready to let Brainfuse ease the teacher shortage burden? Learn more about Brainfuse’s HelpNow and BoostHDT solutions and see how we can support your educators and students in accessing the best possible education.