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Oklahoma HelpNow

Welcome to our marketing resources for Oklahoma HelpNow, designed with libraries in mind. Here you will find various items to help your program succeed.

Below you will find several HelpNow promotional images and files that you can directly download from this page. If you would like our graphic design team to create a customized image for you, or for any other special request, please contact us at [email protected].

Helpful Guides

Link Placement Guide PDF

Print Collateral

For easy access, all of the print collateral is in PDF format. Simply download any items you would like to print. For your convenience, each file has been customized with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries information and includes text fields that you can customize.






Web Banner

Click on the web banner you would like to use. Then right-click and choose “Save image as…” to download the full size.

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Social Media

When you share on social media, it is always a good idea to add hashtags for increased engagement. Next to each image, we have included text and hashtags that you can use when you share to make it as easy as possible to promote on social media platforms. You may want to add hashtags specific to your location/library.

Click on the social media image you would like to use. Then right-click and choose “Save image as…” to download the full-size. Promos are 1080 x 1080 pixels which will work best on Facebook and Instagram.

Holiday Closures

Brainfuse tutors are unavailable on some holidays. The images below can be shared to let your community know that tutoring is unavailable.


Get ready to succeed this school year! With Brainfuse Online Tutoring, you can learn tough subjects and boost grades with personalized support. Whether it’s brushing up on math, conquering tricky science concepts, or improving your writing skills, Brainfuse tutors are here to help you succeed #BackToSchoolSuccess #BrainfuseTutoring #UnlockYourPotential #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineTutoring

When you are putting your school supplies in your backpack, don’t forget to include Brainfuse live online homework help. It’s available for free with your library card at [name of library].  #LibraryCard #FreeTutoring #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #OnlineTutoring #HomeworkHelp #BackToSchool


Enjoy free live online homework help, engaging games, practice tests, and endless learning opportunities—wherever you are! With just an internet connection and your library card, access live tutoring from any device! Get help today —visit [URL] now! #FreeTutoring #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #OnlineTutoring #HomeworkHelp #LearnAnywhere

Don’t struggle with your homework. Be a smart cookie! Visit [URL] for free live online tutoring. Connect with an expert today! #FreeOnlineTutoring #LibrariesTransform #BrainfuseCommunity #WhatDoYouWantToLearn #SmartCookie #OnlineTutoring 

No matter where you are, get free live online homework help, play games, take practice tests, and learn. Connect with a live tutor from any device with an internet connection. Visit [URL]. #LibraryCard #FreeTutoring #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #OnlineTutoring #HomeworkHelp #LearnAnywhere


The end of the school year means finals and projects are due! But don’t worry, you can visit [URL] to connect with a free live online tutor to help you succeed. #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineTutoring #EndofSchoolYear #SchoolSuccess #HomeworkHelp

As the school year comes to an end, connect to Brainfuse to prepare for your upcoming finals. Take a practice test in SkillSurfer and connect with a tutor to review your results and build your skills. #Brainfuse #HelpNow #WhatLibrariesDo #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineLearning #HomeworkHelp #Finals #PracticeTests #OnlineTutoring


Going back to school? Want to help your child with their homework? Connect with a live online tutor to build your academic skills.   #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineTutoring #AdultLearners #BuildSkills

Did you know HelpNow can assist adult learners too? With your library card you can get help with skills-building, US Citizenship test preparation, high school equivalency tests, resumes, and so much more! #AdultLearners #WhatLibrariesDo #OnlineTutoring #USCitizenship #BrainfuseCommunity #BuildYourSkills

Get ready to delve into a world of knowledge, expand your horizons, and achieve your educational goals. Brainfuse offers an innovative and personalized approach to adult learning, tailored to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re brushing up on essential skills, preparing for a career change, or simply exploring new subjects, Brainfuse can help. Visit [URL] to connect with a live tutor today! #BrainfuseAdultLearning #KnowledgeIsPower #UnlockYourPotential #LifelongLearning #EducationMatters #BrainfuseCommunity


Spring begins soon and it is a great time to remember that [name of library] offers live homework help, a writing lab, practice tests, and so much more with Brainfuse HelpNow. Don’t forget it is all free with your Oklahoma library card!  #HelpNow #HomeworkHelp #SpringIntoLearning #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #FreeOnlineTutoring

Spring is in the air and there’s no better time for growth. Connect with a live online tutor to get help with your homework. Visit [url]. #BrainfuseCommunity #HomeworkHelp #OnlineTutoring #SpringintoLearning #Learn


Spring begins soon and it is a great time to remember that [name of library] offers live homework help, a writing lab, practice tests, and so much more with Brainfuse HelpNow. Don’t forget it is all free with your Oklahoma library card!  #HelpNow #HomeworkHelp #SpringIntoLearning #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #FreeOnlineTutoring

Academic skills are like other skills: use them or lose them. Keep your brain sharp by visiting the Online Summer Skills Camp. Visit [URL] to discover what you want to learn more about. #BrainfuseCommunity #SummerSkills #BrainExercises


Brainfuse is more than homework help. You can also build your skills by connecting with a live tutor, viewing videos, completing practice tests, and even playing study games with Flashbulb. What do you want to learn this fall? #TheMoreYouKnow #BrainfuseCommunity #WhatDoYouWantToLearn #FallIntoLearning #OnlineTutoring

This fall don’t leaf your success to chance! Connect with a Brainfuse online tutor for free help on your homework. Visit [URL] to get started. #FreeTutoring #BrainfuseCommunity #LibrariesTransform #OnlineTutoring #HomeworkHelp #FallIntoLearning


Struggling with math can be frustrating. But you don’t have to go it alone. Brainfuse live online tutoring from the [name of library] is a great way to connect with experienced and knowledgeable math tutors who can help you understand your math homework better. With personalized guidance, you’ll be able to tackle even the toughest math problems with confidence. #HomeworkHelp #MathHomework #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineTutoring #MathHelp

From college application essays to the SAT, school reports, and even creative writing, get free feedback on any type of writing. You can connect with a live tutor for immediate help or use the writing lab for thorough feedback. #ImproveYourWriting #WritingGoals #WritingLab #LibrariesTransform #BrainfuseCommunity #WritingHomework #CreativeWriting #HomeworkHelp #OnlineTutoring

Are you ready to secure financial aid for your education? The FAFSA application for the 2024-25 academic year opens in December! Don’t miss out on potential grants, loans, and work-study opportunities—start your application to access aid for 7/1/24–6/30/25. Visit [library URL] to get started! #FAFSA #FinancialAid #EducationOpportunities #FederalFinancialAid #HigherEd


Start the year off right by setting academic goals. Use HelpNow to get homework help from a live online tutor. You can also use the writing lab for comprehensive feedback to help you improve your writing. #BrainfuseHelpNow #HomeworkHelp #WritingLab #AcademicGoals #OnlineTutoring

Reach your learning goals with Brainfuse HelpNow. Connect with a live online tutor, take a practice test, get feedback on your writing, and so much more! All you need is your [name of library] card, computer or mobile device, and an internet connection to get started.  #Brainfuse #HelpNow #WhatLibrariesDo #BrainfuseCommunity #OnlineLearning #HomeworkHelp #OnlineTutoring #LearningGoals


In addition to taking practice tests, a tip for successful test preparation is to explain your answer to others. This helps you get a clear idea in your head AND highlights any areas where you may need to build skills. But it may not be easy to find someone to explain answers to. Connect with a Brainfuse tutor to review practice tests and build your skills. #BrainfuseCommunity #PracticeTests #TestPreparation #StandardizedTests #TestTips

Are you feeling overwhelmed with test preparation? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Studying for exams can be tough, but it’s important to remember that there’s always help available. Visit SkillSurfer in Brainfuse HelpNow for test prep resources, practice tests, and even connect with a tutor for personalized assistance. Visit [URL] for free test prep.

Remember, your hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. Good luck with your studies, and don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way! #TestPrep #StudySuccess #YouCanDoIt #OnlineTutoring #BrainfuseCommunity

Training Videos

Brainfuse has created short video tutorials for each aspect of HelpNow so you can quickly and easily get additional information about available features.

HelpNow Overview video
View the HelpNow overview video
Brainfuse Learning Account video
Watch the learning account video
SkillSurfer video
Watch the SkillSurfer video
MEET video
Watch the MEET video
Cloudpack video
Watch the Cloudpack video
Brainfuse Classroom video
View the Brainfuse classroom video
Writing Lab video
Watch the writing lab video
Brainwave video
Watch the Brainwave video
LEAP Learning Platform video
Watch the LEAP Learning Platform video
Mobile App video
Watch the mobile app video
Live Tutoring video
Watch the live tutoring video
Send Question video
Watch the send question video
Flashbulb video
Watch the Flashbulb video
Adult Learning Center video
Watch the Adult Learning Center video